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Posted on 27 Oct 2016, by Lily Atherton

The IAAF World Championships only take place every two years. They've never been held in London.This makes next year's championships a truly unique opportunity for entertaining your clients.


Believe the hype


It's the biggest event in the UK next summer. In fact, it's the biggest sporting event in the world next year. Hundreds of the world's top athletes will gather in London for 10 days of competition. And with each session including up to 10 events there'll be plenty of action for you and your guests to enjoy.

No other event next summer comes close in terms of the size of the crowds, the number of events and the number of British contenders.


See how IAAF World Championships hospitality compares with F1 and the FA Cup Final


A World Class Experience


Our hospitality packages are designed to put your brand in the best possible light.

First class chefs and sommeliers will ensure an exceptional dining experience. Sporting legends and experts for the world of athletics will provide insight and entertainment. And your seats overlooking the 100m straight will give you unrivalled views of all the sports on offer.

This once in a lifetime experience is the perfect opportunity to create a lasting positive impression of your company. Your clients are sure to remember seeing some of the greatest athletes, not just in the world, but of all time.

We expect our exclusive hospitality packages for the IAAF World Championships to sell out quickly. You'll need to move fast to make sure you get the ideal package for your business.


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